My Youth Is An Asset

This picture you see? Me at 20 years old between posing for pictures that would go in the online magazine I was publisher and editor of, with my friend and the magazine's first photographer, @elaynamae.

I share because it's so funny to me that I've never thought, "Oh, I'm too young to do that," about anything except having kids of my own.

And I see people share their stories of business success and say things like, "I thought at 23 I must be crazy to do this," and honestly, I just don't relate.

My age has NEVER been anything but an asset in my mind.

I'm 26 by the way, and I don't care who knows it.

Interestingly, especially when I was doing marketing consulting, my boyfriend would say things like, "They treat you like that because you're young," or "They think they can pay you that because you're young." And I would want to scream, That's bullshit!!!!

Don't tell yourself you're too young, too old, too fat, too bold, or anything else, as a way of holding off from your dreams.

Launch the magazine, launch the business, change gears and begin serving another type of client entirely. Do whatever makes sense for you, whatever you feel called to do. Because you? You're PERFECT for all the yearnings in your soul.