Ask, and Receive in the Next Breath

The other day I came home from a walk with my love to our local Dunkin' Donuts. I had my medium cold brew black with extra sugar and my everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese. The bagel was actually still hot! (Most days the heat of the bagel doesn't survive the walk.) I was so excited to eat it!

I was also ready to watch something, a livestream or an episode of TV, whatever it was.

All at once, my phone wouldn't load the thing I was trying to watch, I realized I'd forgotten to grab a butter knife with which to better smear my cream cheese while I was still on my feet, and then -- HICCUPS!

Holy moly the stress! For a few very intense moments, I was overwhelmed.

I asked myself, What is it that I want?

Between hiccups and at a raised volume, I said: "I WANT TO ENJOY MY BAGEL WHILE I WATCH THIS. I DON'T WANT HICCUPS."

Nearly instantly, the hiccups stopped, my show loaded and I got to take a bite of my delicious bagel before it turned rubbery.

It's SO basic and sometimes we assume the Universe knows what we want, but sometimes we actually get to say it out loud and experience it in the next breath.