Making It Nonnegotiable That Your Offer Sells

Faith isn't faith until it looks like it's not going to happen and you still believe it will. I'll never forget when I heard Amanda Frances say that. That is a radical shift right there!

When I launched an offer recently, I gave it three days at an intro price. I did 5 total livestreams over that 3-day period and promoted it anywhere I could. I didn't make a sale on day 1 or day 2. On day 3, I made my first sale. It came in the last hour the intro price was available!

I've heard so many entrepreneurs share similar experiences where sales were not made until the last few days the offer was available.

It's a bit about cultivating a blind naivete. When circumstances indicate otherwise, you focus on "Nah, it's happening." Focus on how good it will feel to create the content or do the coaching. Focus on what kind of person(s) need your offer and what situation they're in that they find this and know it's for them. Focus on what your life will look like when the sales come through and how you'll FEEL. Do what you can to feel that way now.

It's helpful, too, if you're in the place of, I just can't imagine this NOT happening. Like, I was waiting for a replacement credit card to come in the mail and was hoping it would be here last Thursday. It wasn't. "Surely, it will be here tomorrow," I told myself and focused on energy on that outcome. I cultivated this sense that it WOULD be in the mail that next day, because I couldn't imagine it not. It became nonnegotiable; I simply felt like I would NOT accept it not arriving. And Friday morning, there it was!

SHARE IN THE COMMENTS: Can you think of a time when you made something nonnegotiable and you received the thing you wanted when you wanted?