The Consequences of Not Showing Up & Creating

How have you been sleeping? It's not such an odd question for me to ask as you might think. Lemme tell ya a story...

I didn't express myself on Wednesday. I also didn't get enough sleep that night.

My alarm went off yesterday morning while I was in a deep sleep, jolting me uneasily from rest. Staying in bed was my top desire in that moment.

I think one caused the other; my failure to express myself led to a lack of energy.

The past two days I awoke on my own before my alarm went off. I felt satisfied those mornings. I was excited for the day ahead and ready to let my sheets grow cold behind me.

The evenings before? Both of those nights before sleep I shared posts I wrote in my Facebook Group. (One of these posts was, hands down, the most vulnerable share I've ever done.) From my very heart and soul, I poured out a drink for those in my tribe.

And let's cover, quickly, the "obvious" consideration: hours of sleep each night. All three nights, I went to bed and had my alarm set so I would have 5-6 hours of sleep. No, not the 8 hours you're "supposed" to get. (We'll talk about what you're "supposed to do" another day.) But it's not like I was well rested after sleeping 8 hours a night and then trying to make do with only 6. Two of those nights, 5-6 hours was plenty!

Yes, I really believe that my failure to express myself led me to suffer a crappy wake-up. (I don't know if I'd call it a bad night's sleep, but those moments upon waking were painful.)

When I don't "unburden" myself, no amount of sleep is enough.

Abundant energy is mine to enjoy when I create from a place of pure intention.

Creation is soul sharing

For me, this is primarily through writing. I'm sure it looks different for others. For others, it may be drawing, or songwriting, or something else entirely.

I feel like this is an incredibly powerful realization…


How about you??? Do you have the urge to create? Have you been ignoring the call of your soul? Or are you going, "DUH ROSELLA"?

That's kind the of the way I was feeling as I journaled about this. "But really? REALLY??? Haven't I always known this on some level?" <-- This is what I wrote.

And yet, I realized: I've just never known such a specific benefit to my life like more restful sleep.

I journaled further about this, asking myself...

Seriously, what if I became a millionaire by creating from my soul and heart?

I, on some level, realize this is how it works for others and that it can be my reality if I just decide and COMMIT.

I'm learning now that the key for me is probably to create and share from my heart and soul rather than creating from a place of strategy. As in… No calculating what people need to read, but rather, creating what I NEED.

SHARE IN THE COMMENTS: Can you do the same in your life-business?

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