What I Learn From NOT Doing The Thing

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It's been a while since I've done livestreams in a way that was working for me.

I was enjoying doing them every single day from my business page, announcing them hours before I jumped on, and seeing a lot of engagement, which kept increasing.

Then I just stopped. No real specific reason.

Today I was journaling on my current reaction to Facebook marketing (boredom), and questioned why I stopped doing livestreams. I've realized that I feel disconnected, adrift and painfully bored not doing the livestreams daily the way I had been.

This is the cost of not doing, with discipline, the thing that I'd loved and started seeing awesome results with.

And it's true that giving up something that is starting to work has been a pattern of mine. I see that. I own it.

I don't make myself wrong for it.

Because? Stopping doing something I ultimately want to do gives me the knowledge of the COST of not being disciplined.

Here's what I know: It's not enough to know that something feels good for us. We have to be acquainted with the 'bad' feelings of not having or doing the thing. This gives us the leverage over ourselves to actually practice discipline.

This is the mindset of discipline as I revealed it in my free training for New Coaches on the Right Actions to Grow Your Empire and How to Be Disciplined.

COMMENT BELOW: What is the cost of you not doing one of the things you want to do daily?

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