Change Your Operating System To Get Success

Decide how much money you want to allow to come to you over the next month, or year. Pick a dollar amount.

Here's a hint: The dollar amount is less about being a money-grubber and more about choosing a frequency to attune to. The amount of revenue you allow into your life is simply a marker indicated that frequency you want to exist at. That's why wanting a specific dollar amount (or just wanting to be wealth in general) is something worth celebrating. It's all about stepping into a specific vibration.

Of course, you won't allow yourself to step into earning lots of money (a.k.a. that super high vibration) if you have issues with rich people. So you may have a decision to make here about letting go of your prejudices toward rich people.

Then you're going to consider what do you think, do and have after you've decided to have that specific dollar amount (i.e. decided what FREQUENCY you want to live at).


Success is ALL about the decisions you consciously make.

There are MANY, MANY decisions that you make on autopilot. You learned habitual decision-making and patterns of thinking as you learned about the world through your growth from infant to toddler to child and so forth. These are things you think and do unconsciously.

Imagine if you had to be so super conscious of every single decision that creates the world around you. Like even the decision to allow a butterfly to flit around your hyacinth bush.

How these decisions actually get made? The things in the world around you are dictated by decisions you've made in the past that your higher self has kept track of.

There are so many things that get handled by this higher power. Some call this the Universe, others call it God. I understand that it is my higher self, the me that is pure consciousness, sitting above my body, that oversees my life. (I'm afraid I might "lose you" with this, but I believe I can't say the wrong thing to the right people.)

The way this higher power (or higher self, as I know it) composes the world around me based on decisions I've made earlier in this life, and based on what I need to follow the path I chose before I came to earth in this body.

It's like an operating system that creates the stuff we see without us fully understanding how the OS works...

Well, it's constantly adapting to give you the things you choose. How? With focus.

We learned which areas to focus our conscious efforts on by our parents foremost.

The carpet that could use a shampooing? That's there because you grew up with parents who never vacuumed and you learned that there are more important things than cleaning. So you're not even conscious of allowing a dirty carpet because it wasn't something you were taught to focus on.

But you can customize the algorithm of your operating system. How? DECISIONS! You can consciously choose to rework the algorithm by choosing different for yourself.

Of course, it will feel easier to make small decisions at first, but it will be helpful to make them in a way that affirms the bigger thing you want to allow.

I've made the decision to allow and receive $1.14 million or better before June 30, 2018. This is my biggie.

From the place of having made the decision to allow this (and journaling on it and affirming it daily), I ask myself what does Million Dollar Rosella think? What does she do? What does she allow? What does she expect?

Exploring these things gives me the ammo to make the 'smaller' decisions that put me step-by-step closer to realizing the big-revenue-receiving version of me.

This empowers me to make the "little" decisions like ordering a Filofax mini-binder to journal in, investing $97 a month on Clickfunnels, and even emailing my list daily now, when my list is much smaller than I imagine it will be when I'm the Million Dollar Rosella.

What areas can you focus on and make conscious decisions around? Remember, doing this changes the algorithm so that even when these decisions feel difficult to make initially, they become a way of being for you that you don't even have to think about.

Oh, and always trust-
Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!

With fervent hopes you'll return the love (truth),