Struggling? Here are 5 Steps to Overcome

1) Stop the Negative Thinking. A year ago, when I got a letter saying that I had to pay the past-due balance of my rent the following day, and I had no money in the bank, I started freaking out. Thoughts like: What if we ended up homeless? Where would we go? I'd have to get rid of all my things! And then I realized

2) Take Whatever Action Possible. I knew of two things I could do: Call the finance lady at the management company to let her know I was working on getting the money, and reach out to my client (I only had the one at the time) to ask if he could pay me that night.

3) Get Vulnerable. Texting my client to tell him I really needed him to make his payment as agreed upon because I was broke and needed the money to keep a roof over my head was the last thing I wanted to do. I was afraid I would appear weak. I didn't want to make my problems his problems. But I sucked it up and sent the message. I got vulnerable when it scared me most to do so. I've heard it said that you have to get vulnerable right before a breakthrough. I agree.

4) Surrender. Let the Universe work to meet you half-way. Give it time. I surrendered the outcome to the Universe.

5) Gave My Body What It Needed. I asked myself what I needed in the most physical sense, and got two answers: I needed to cry and I needed a nap. I needed to cry -- my go-to method of releasing emotions -- and I let myself do that. I listened to "Make Me Like You" by Gwen Stefani, admittedly an upbeat song that, for some reason, makes me cry and let the tears flow.

My nap turned out to be just the thing I needed to give me a break from the obsessive worrying and give the Universe time to work its magic. When I awoke, I had a text message from my client who said he could help. I made my rent payment and still live in the same place.

Happy ending.

Oh, and always trust-
Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!

With love,