Pave That Road As You Go

You can keep trying to live the lives of others. To repeat their stories of success. Maybe you'll actually even achieve some of their success. But that's just it. It's THEIR success. A road they paved and you can't truly know all that lies under that macadam.

You're here to be be YOU. To walk your own path.

When I was a kid, my parents bought 7 acres of land in upstate Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, but my Dad has aspirations of living like Thoreau and so he sought land in the mountains. It was wholly undeveloped, and our first trip there, we drove the Big White Whale (our 15-passenger Ford van) about 30 feet into the wooded land. Dad had a machete. He forged ahead, swinging his machete, hacking at the weeds.

Your mission: Be like Dad, clearing the path for your loved ones, your followers.

How do you do that?

Fuckin' live, woman. Get out as much as you can, and be grateful for your home. Love hard, and receive love as gracefully as you can manage. Chase the money, but also do it for the JOY and challenge in the moment of doing the work. Claim your own agenda and stop letting appearances dictate your actions. Make little shows of faith all day every day and make room to manifest what you seek.

In fact, ASK more. More often and for more, that's how to ask. As you ask, simultaneously surrender to divine time.

Know there's a bigger plan for you than you can know. God will give you leads when you ask for them. (Yeah, ask for those too, not just the material good or feelings you seek.)

Ooh, that's right! I can't forget to tell you: Ask to feel the way you wish to. Say you want to feel a sense of leadership and you think the way to feel that is to have a large online community waiting with baited breath for your next email. But if you can recognize the feeling you're craving, ask for it before you have the thing you think will give it to you. Make sense?

Ask to feel like a leader before the community shows up. (I truly don't know how a community could form BEFORE you feel this way, but I think I was asking for that for a long time without realizing how SILLY of me!)

Know that the people you most admire, whether Marie Forleo or Oprah, WHOEVER, have had moments where they feared it was too hard and they weren't good enough. THEY were just fuckin' brave enough to say "try me" and keep plugging away.

Leave room for better. Like, when you ask for something, you may have your heart on, say, a specific house. But if you leave your heart open to BETTER, you may be completely surprised to find that the thing you were asking for? It pales next to the thing God had planned.

Know that there's a road for you, even if no one (NOT EVEN YOU) can see where it leads, and YOU are paving it as you go. In so doing, you're showing OTHERS they can pave their path.

Never try to persuade others that they need to drive your road, but empower them with your work to head off in their own direction.