[VIDEO] Live in a Penthouse Apartment in a World-class City Serving Soulmate Clients Who Eagerly Pay You 4- and 5-Figures For Your Transformational Coaching Genius

Watch the livestream I did today on my Facebook Page.

I cover:

  • Lessons learned from booking my first $2500 client, my first $6k client, and my first $16+ client 
  • 3 big mistakes I made that kept me struggling for too long
  • What I NOW expect of my soulmate clients & what I won’t tolerate 
  • Who you would BE & what you would DO as this woman

All together now, your CLARITY PROMPTS: 
1. What would my business & life look like if I now expected sales to happen effortlessly?
2. When I have sought clients from a place of desperation, how have I behaved? What are my warning signs that I’m feel desperate?
3. What do I expect of my clients? What am I not willing to tolerate?
4. What would I now believe as the woman living in a penthouse apartment in a world-class city serving clients who eagerly pay me $1000s for my coaching genius? How would I show up to the world?