Treat Your Prospects Like They're Podcast-Worthy

What is your approach with people who you think should hire you?
(This wording is intentional!)

It’s cool that you see someone and think, They need me.
What’s less cool? Treating them like a dollar sign.

It’s disrespectful. And maddening when the other person inevitably picks up your weird-ass vibes.

Instead, why don’t you….


?? Sir.e.ously, why not?

Truth is… We’re more likely to work with people who we know respect us and value what we’re doing with our lives and our work.

Who would want to work with coach who’s constantly pointing out the mile(s) that their client has to go to reach their goals? Who would want to work with a coach who, from the very beginning, acts like their prospective client is a problem to be fixed rather than a whole, successful person ready for greater leaps?

The best way to show up as the coach who sees the whole, successful client who would get amazing results with them is to treat the persons you want to hire you like they’re worthy of being interviewed on a podcast with thousands of listeners.

Do you see what I mean?

Rosella LaFevre