You Possess Everything You Need For Success

Within you there is already everything you need to make a lot of money & change a lot of lives as a new coach. You already possess:
1 → Ability to FOCUS (period.)
2 → Ability to be fully aware of your talents & gifts
3 → Clear vision of the soulmate client(s) you would be most excited to work with
4 → Ability to command attention
5 → Powerful message of the transformation possible for your soulmate clients
6 → SO 👏 MUCH 👏 TO 👏 SAY 👏
7 → Undeniable ability to manifest & receive (you may only need to be more INTENTIONAL in your *practice*)
8 → GUTS to make the necessary decisions
→ And so much more.

Which of these, if any, have you created a story around?
→ → → Drop the # in the comments.

(Like if you find yourself thinking, "I don't have anything to say," you'd drop a #8 below.)