Remember You Are God So You Can Live It

i am god

Can you deal?

This is the truth I downloaded in May: I am the god of my existence. (As you are the god of yours.)

We, each of us, have within, the power to create worlds, our world. Form takes shape according to our focus and active decisions.

Expression is the easiest way of accessing and living in this god power.

I am the World’s Teacher of Access Your Godliness, though I hid from it for 3 months and shied away from all of the responsibility that comes with boldly claiming this purpose, message and mission.

For 90 days, I presented myself to you all as the coach helping new coaches get their first clients who pay in full with no fuss, and while I certainly have that ability, it didn’t seem to go anywhere. Then I woke up again to this mission that is so much bigger.

I’m here to awaken myself & others to our inherent power.

This begins with remembering you are god.

Then you can live it.

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