Requesting Your Attention!

Have you ever worried that you'll be bothering people by publishing another post today or making another offer?

Have you worried that because you sent a bunch of emails last week to your list and had more unsubscribes in one week than ever before that maybe you should just 'lay off'?

Have you felt like, people should know what they want and why do you have to keep bothering them about something they know you offer?

I'm raising my hand and letting you know: I have. I have. I have. All of the above. And more.

Understanding conceptually what marketing is as well as how others do it, and having the fortitude to show up, relentlessly, to your audience are two very different things.

And let's not forget how challenging selling is to the conditioning most of us experience as children. We're not supposed to annoy others, or ask for money, or dare to think that we have the answers others need.

Thus, peeping up, making noise and seeking the attention of people whom we expect to give us money, are done without consistency or conviction.

Despite my background in marketing consultancy and public relations, I have not marketed or sold to my audience with the kind of frequency and conviction that creates the miraculous kind of sales I desire and know I'm ultimately capable of.

I'm human and still succumb to fear.

So how do we proceed?

I've found there are two factors that contribute to me feeling at the top of my game with marketing and selling:

(1) Resource materials that empower
(2) Support whether 1-on-1 or in a group

And I've had both in my life to great affect lately.

I shared in Foxy CEO Report #3, sent earlier this week, one of the resources that knocked my socks off: Grant Cardone's If You're Not First, You're Last.

And I've received support from others including coach Cassie Howard and my friend Jacquelynne Kristen Holmes.

What these factors do for you is change the way you look at these two essential acts of running a business.

Here's a major shift I've had around marketing and selling, and it's really the reason why I'm here in your inbox today: 

It is my job to make multiple requests for your attention each day. It's my job to remind you, multiple times a day until you say yes to yourself, what solutions I offer via my products and coaching.

See, I realized that one of the things that holds me back is a fear of 'bothering' you by showing up too frequently in your inbox. It's a silly ass fear seeing as my soulmate clients don't view frequent emails as a bother.

It doesn't cross my soulmate client's mind to be pissed off or annoyed that I email several times a week.

How do I know that?

Because it doesn't cross MY mind to be annoyed when someone sends several emails a week, or even a few a day.

They're just simply 'doing them,' and doing what is best for their business. See, I don't consider my inbox a list of obligations. I am not required to respond to every email I get, or even to read every email I get. I do not have FOMO as far as email is concerned.

In fact, I consider my inbox to be a place where I receive requests for my attention.

My attention is valuable, and I trust my intuition -- and really the good copywriting skills of those who show up in my inbox -- to determine what I will give that attention to. 

That's exactly how my soulmate clients think of and use their email inbox, even if they've never put it into the same words I just now have.

Realizing that this is the truth about my soulmate clients, I got very clear that it is my own failure when I am not showing up several times a week (if not daily or even more frequently) in their inbox, their Facebook timeline, maybe even in their Facebook Messenger inbox, to deliver value and make offers.

Thus, I see my responsibility as far as marketing and selling entirely differently than I did even two weeks ago.

You can expect that I'll be in your inbox more frequently than I have been. I don't expect you to read every email. I expect that when a subject line sticks out to you, or when you're simply meant to see the message because you've been asking for something like my latest thing or service for sale.

How many times today have you asked for the attention of your own audience? How many times today have you asked for the sale?

No need to be squeamish. You are simply asking for people to give you their attention, and what's the worst that can happen? They say no. Is it really that big a deal if they do?

I've decided it isn't. Join me here, on this level, won't you?

I bet your income will increase, just as mine has this week!


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