Why I Hold Space for Clients to Be SELFISH

These arms of mine? ANY physical or virtual space I create? They’re always going to be safe spaces for you to be selfish.

I know. Holy cow. 😱

In the past 2 years, I have greatly valued the work and message of people who teach what some might call pure selfishness.

Let me take it back for a moment...

One day nearly 9 years ago, my very unhappy younger sister blamed me for all of her problems and I absorbed the belief that, “the world is better off without me.”

I do not hold this against my sister, it simply happened that way and it profoundly affected me. In fact, I did not particularly remember this or feel bound by it until just last week I did the mindset work that uncovered this.

That mindset work? I learned it from women who let me feel safe to be selfish and focus on me, and guided me to do the mindset work as a way to receive money.

Before diving into mindset work, I spent 6 years on largely futile efforts to help others. I wanted to take care of others as a way to feel better about myself. Then I would get in such a headspin about whether I was actually helping and if others appreciated my efforts. As you can imagine, this prevented me from having the impact I still feel a deep desire to have.

I had to get selfish and allow a desire for money to drive me into the mindset and energy work that has changed my life and actual happiness level.

So I feel a little frustrated when I see people begrudge others their “selfishness,” or pure desire for personal happiness. “Be focused on being of service [because you don’t matter if the world is sick],” they seem to say.

Happiness IS of service to the greater good.

A miserable person trying to do good in the world actually often does harm. And allowing myself to get selfish has actually changed my life.

A “sick world” heals a bit each time an individual finds and maintains happiness.

#AccessYourGodliness #CreateSomethingDifferent

Click below if you’re ready for a coach to hold space for you to be totally selfish so you can have positive impact. Compassion for others comes easier once you practice self-compassion after all.