Share MORE of You to Feel More Confident, Build an Audience of Raving Fans & Create the Foundation for the Business of You

There is one woman whose work I consume a lot of. She writes 1000 word blog posts, publishes 15,000 word ebooks, records multiple livestreams & other video each day, and even does podcasts/free calls for her audience. I consume as much of it as I can because her content not only expands my thinking but it's simply fun! She's got a real personality that she lets shine all day. And I gotta be honest, she's a mentor to me even though we've not spoken direct since a disagreement about Trump.

I would gladly consume someone else's content this much... If only there were others sharing as much of their truth day in and day out. Actually, there are a few others who send emails that really capture my attention: Molly Sapp, Cassie Howard and Courtney Nicole Good. 

Now, sure, I probably should cut out all consumption of others' content to create my own but I think it only helps, not hurts. And yet, I find myself craving to enjoy more realness from other women in the online space.

Of course, you've gotta be the change you wish to see in the world, right? So I focus on sitting down to my computer at least once daily for a #TRUTHLETTING session. This is the name I've given to my refreshingly honest writing about building a rosier life and business. I also am recording podcast episodes (shhhh! this is so in its infancy, it's a secret!), recording videos for YouTube, and when I actually fucking dare to, hopping on Facebook Live to talk some real shit about getting the life you want.

So I'm working on it and ramping up my output level. I'd rather take it a little slow right now though so I get in the habit of producing at least one blog post consistently (daily), then I can build the habit of creating even more. I expect more of myself but am proud of me.

Because truly? So few people are sharing honestly.

Learn how to share honestly in a deeply transformative way.

I see so much content that sounds like it was cloned from somebody else's. Women hiding daily from not only their true voice but their own unique experiences. People are writing 150 words for an Instagram post about setting goals, in which they won't even clearly share their own goals or any history of achieving their own goals, and calling that content. I guess it is content -- and I'm actually guilty of having written such a post before! -- but it's FUCKING BORING. Worst, it's completely inauthentic. You're not going out to dinner with girlfriends and talking like that, are you? No, I don't think so.

What ARE you talking to girlfriends about? What are you writing in your journal? What are you thinking day in and day out?

These topics and the tone in which you voice them are the basis for the most compelling fucking creating you've (probably n)ever done.

You basically just have to be DARING enough to actually SHOW this to the world. Your true message and voice are desperately needed in the world. What do two suns do when they meet? They SHINE TOGETHER. If you're not sharing, you're not shining and if you're not shining, you're dark as a new moon. The world doesn't need that darkness, though it CAN handle you sharing the less-than-picturesque truth of your life. Like... Bring us your truth in the spirit of moving us all forward, even if that truth tilts negative one day.

I just can't stand to see you waste another minute NOT SHOWING UP AND SHARING YOUR TRUTH. You better DARE to share, love, if you want to rule the world someday. You can't get there by hiding any parts of you.

You aren't fully living if you're hiding. Really, I mean, did you think you were living fully by pretending to be anyone other than you? You're glorious. Sure, you may be rough around the edges, you may feel wrong because you're not like the rest of them, and you may wonder who wants to hear from you the realities of your journey.

We're ALL on a journey. Straddling this rock, if you will. When we dare to share what our journey looks like, we add levity to others' lives. We make their burdens lighter. We pull their dreams into reach.

I guess I'm taking something for granted: That you're trying to live a better life day after day.

Yeah. In order for sharing your truth to make the world a better place, and to put you in a position of leadership upon this Earth, you have to be COMMITTED to living a better life today than you did yesterday.

This doesn't mean that life won't throw you curveballs, but it does mean that you strive to recover and even THRIVE in the wake of such curveballs. It means choosing power over powerlessness (though certainly sometimes the way through is to admit your powerlessness in the moment).

In fact-

Sharing your truth, even all the little bits that SCARE you to DEATH at the thought of sharing with others, puts you there: in your POWER.

Deciding that "sharing this can only empower me and others," that no damage can be done by revealing your mess, you ASSERT YOUR POWER.

Do this daily and you're DAILY asserting your power.

Ooh, doesn't that feel gooooooood????

I know it feels good to me! Actually, it feels fantastic. Magical.

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How simple is that? Share your story to step into your power.

And think about it: about the response! When you DARE to share the icky stuff, the less-than-perfect stuff, the real real, people LOVE IT. It's not just the response one might give to a trainwreck, surprised and captivated by the mess, but it's the response of love, of seeing the divine connection to one another. Because when we reveal the fact that we've got swamp ass, the other person whose sweaty butt is driving them crazy with sigh with relief that someone fucking said it. Ha! I kind of can't believe I just wrote that sentence.

But it's TRUE!

It was interesting to me when Kimra Luna, an entrepreneur who teaches marketing, wrote a lengthy post on Facebook sharing her difficult path through anxiety and her vulnerability earned the post hundreds or thousands of likes, comments and shares. It was powerful to see her "admitting" something she had kept close to her chest for a long time. I only wonder how it might have exploded her business if she'd been able to share sooner (of course, I believe in divine timing, so I'm not looking to make her timing wrong), and I simply want you to be motivated to make sharing more of you a daily habit. 

I've been coming to terms with a deeper sense of my purpose here on Earth. While I am fascinated by money and do desire to be known as a great businesswoman, I've ALWAYS known myself to be a writer. 

I shared the following with someone who asked me to tell them more about myself: "I'm a woman and writer on the journey of learning how to get out of her own way and build the life I have long dreamed of; I am passionate about sharing my 'truthletting,' which is what I call my writing about building a better life & business. I see myself as a writer first and I allow the Universe to compensate me by offering coaching and digital programs to others on a similar journey."

I'm reconciling many beliefs and desires. I feel like I finally see how they all can come together. Anyway, I see infinite possibility in the business of being me. As in, my only true "job" is to live my life, always enjoying where I'm at while while striving for greater expression of everything in my "vortex." More simply: With faith, I can follow the stirrings of my heart and trust that I'll be rewarded with the financial wealth, breadth of impact and all the materialistic goodies I desire.

The work I care most to do? FOCUS on faith, and SHARE my journey.

How about you? Do you want to be in the Business of Being You?

No simpler way to start than to share more of you.

There are things you can learn about monetizing You, but aim first to get really good at SHARING you.

I find that the more I dare to share of myself, the more confident I feel. It is clear to me what my calls to action need to be to get to the next level. I am also relieved not to be hiding the so-called ugly parts of me that I thought would keep me from prosperity. When I got back to writing my vulnerable truth, I saw the response grow. More people care when I share the raw unfiltered truth of my life than when I'm trying to tell them (without illuminating personal context) how to market their businesses or whatever it is that I was talking about before.

Now? Especially when I hear the voice inside that asks, "Why would anyone want to hear that from you?" I share what I NEED to.

Why would anyone want to hear my advice on making love last when I'm not married (but I've been with my boyfriend for 7 years)? Well, people did! They loved my post on it.

Why would anyone want to know about the pile of dogshit that's been stinking up my life but I've been too afraid to talk about? Well, people did! They loved the post I wrote on my mess inside my Facebook group.

My favorite way to share my truth is by sitting with my journal or my laptop and letting it pour out of me. My #TRUTHLETTING is changing my life and I know that doing the same can change your life. 

Maybe video works better for you, or audio recording. Maybe you need to find a way to do it through photo essays. There is some means in which you need to be pouring out your soul to your tribe, and I hope you find it soon and take serious action.

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