You're Right To Share Your Stories

“You share too much.”
“You’re always talking about yourself.”
“You don’t ask enough questions unless you’re on a coaching call with someone.”

^ These are some of my judgments of self.

But the truth is...

I share a lot of myself and doing so weeds out the people who don’t need/like/resonate with me, while creating and demonstrating that it is safe to share all of yourself with me.

I used to feel so hateful of myself because my copy has lots of “I” and “me” and not a whole lotta of the word “you.”

👏 “That’s not how successful marketing is done.” 👏

✋👊 Nah, Rosella, you don’t gotta buy that bullshit. 😱

I decide what works, and everything I am/be/do/have works to create the business and life I desire.

So, yes, it works that I overshare.

Woooo! What_a_relief!!!

By the way... One of my gifts is asking questions that alchemize your boredom, frustration and fear into YOU fuel.

Your boredom, frustration and fear are KEYS to #CreateSomethingDifferent.