Admit It: You're Sick Of Yourself

In the study of the Law of Attraction, wealth consciousness, and positive thinking, many are under the impression that they aren’t allowed to be unhappy with themselves. You can’t say out loud or even write how disgusted you are with yourself, can you?

Seriously, you’re not alone if that’s how you feel….

Hating yourself and terrified to admit it.

You can’t pretend that everything is fine when you’re bored with your own limitations, annoyed that you struggle to focus on anything but lack, pissed off that you haven’t allowed yourself to move past the level you’re operating at, and generally just wishing you could skip through all this bullshit to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be.


FEEL it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t push it down. Move it through your system.

My method of choice is journaling. When I feel this way, I write it out.

Like this one time… A couple of days after a client-initiated chargeback was ruled in their favor (moral of the story: PayPal doesn’t help service providers), I was in a funk. I was feeling held back, and generally really tired of my own crap. I wrote it out. It looked like this:

“There’s so much contrast in my life right now. I am honestly sick of myself. Tired of my programming, my thoughts, my lack of confidence, my patterns. 

“So sick of myself!

“I need something to change. I need a fucking breakthrough.

“I’ve had tastes of life as the woman I want to be.

“I’m tired of me.

“I want change! I do. I want change more than I want the comfort of sameness.

“I’m tired of playing small. Tired of hiding from responsibility. Tired of feeling undesirable…

“I’m tired of slouching. 

“I want to feel safe. But I want to grow. I challenge my programming which thinks that perpetual doubt/lack is ‘safe.’ Just because I know that life well doesn’t mean it’s safe. I want the safety that comes from having thousands in savings (or more).”

Wow. That’s some self-loathing, huh?

The truth, though, is that true self-love, confidence and success can’t be had until you move through the self-loathing.

So, put it to a boil and let it bubble over. Then you’ll notice the heat go down.

You can also turn to tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique) to move through these emotions.

When I journaled out these emotions, I was able to move forward, busting through my blocks and restoring my own confidence, and I know it all happened quicker than if I’d tried to ignore the angst.

What are you TRULY feeling in this moment? How do you feel about your progress? Remember: it’s safe for you to admit your feelings so you can move on. 


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