Screw Your "Soulmate Clients Only" Policy!

Yesterday, I heard from someone whose client does the following:
- Says, "I'll have to check," on her availability for each coaching session
- Avoids the mindset work she's being told to do
- Asks "HOW" to do stuff but doesn't follow through

The coach in this situation didn't know what to do. And a string of people told her to let this client go now because the client is categorically "uncoachable."


Others told her to let her go now because the 3 months left with the client is "a lot of time to feel like shit about working with her." (Or something that meant that.)


A client hires a coach because they innately (consciously or subconsciously) know that what they have done on their own hasn't worked to get them where they want to go.

A GOOD coach recognizes that these behaviors are habitual for the client, and part of the "what they have done on their own [that] hasn't worked."

A GREAT coach, recognizing this habitual behavior is at the root of the client's lack of results in the past, CALLS the client on this behavior. A great coach dares to say the difficult thing, risking pissing the client totally off, to bring them to the recognition that will radically change their course. A great coach shows their client the mirror so they can face the ugly truth to move in to a brighter future.

I simply knew that this coach had not confronted the client about her behavior. (Sometimes I just know things.)

So my advice to her was simply that: Say to the client what you're telling us. Tell her what she's doing and how you interpret that behavior. Tell her this must change or you cannot continue to work together.

This is a confrontation, and you may be averse to confrontation, but it's necessary to be a great coach.

Now... this may seem like a long, roundabout way to get us back to the discussion of the "soulmate clients only" policy... But we're here.

So this coach said that the lesson for her was "100% soulmate clients only from here out." (This was said before I counseled a straight up confrontation with the 'uncoachable' client.)

Being a great coach (whether you're a life coach, business coach, relationship coach, or some other type of transformation coach) requires us calling clients on their bullshit. Having a policy of "soulmate clients only" is the excuse less confident coaches use to avoid clients who need to be called on their bullshit. (Hint: We ALL need to be called on our bullshit from time-to-time.)

The less confident coaches who use this "policy" as an excuse learned the words from coaches like Katrina Ruth but didn't learn the actual meaning behind the words.

A great coach triggers their clients from time-to-time.
A great coach says what she sees & leaves the client room to meet her at the revelation that moves the client forward.
A great coach is secure in herself so that she can have these 'difficult' moments and see clients turn their revelations into 10s of $1000s, or a more rewarding relationship, or a deeper connection to their own spiritual truth.

So, please, stop hiding from being the great coach I believe is inside of you.

Oh, and always trust-
Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!

With love,

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