How I Journal to Stop Feeling Anxious or Depressed

Most of the time, when I journal, I choose to do it on paper. I love the ease and speed with which my thoughts flow from hand through pen to the page. And yet sometimes it doesn’t feel practical for whatever reason.

In those times, I turn to the Notes app on my phone or writer(.)bighugelabs(.)com.

This happened Friday night (actually something like 2 or 3 a.m. Saturday morning), when part of me did not want to sleep while the other part said I should be asleep. I realized I was feeling anxious and decided to check in.

What thoughts were making me anxious? I wrote them out.

Here are screenshots of my journaling on my phone.

I asked myself if these thoughts are true. (Of course any thought that makes you feel bad ISN’T.)

Then I asked myself: what do I now choose to know and believe? I wrote out the new story.


In doing all of this, I experience great relief from the anxiety I’d been dealing with before I journaled.


COMMENT BELOW: Will you try this the next time you’re feeling anxious?

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