A Truth to which I’ve Finally Arrived, which Applies to All Leaders, and Is Critical for My People-Pleasers to Understand

I'm not responsible for how you or anybody else feels about what I say.

I truly have taken a meandering path to arrive at this but there it is.

Here’s what I’m actually responsible for: my intentions, my energy and my choice of words.

As long as they are all in alignment with a desire for the greater good, FUUUUUUCK whether anybody else gets their feelings hurt!

Those are the things they NEED to confront to fucking grow and make their world and the world at large better.

If I took responsibility for everybody else's emotions I'd go fucking craaaaaaazy, and I am no good to the world that way.

So yeah I say what needs saying. (Now more than ever, and with greater abandon because I'm saving the world by saving myself from hiding what I truly believe and know and see.)

And I honestly wish MORE of our leaders would say the "tough" things.

There is more compassion in all of that than in being nice.