Be More Focused & Intentional In The Week Ahead

I've heard from some of you that what you want more than anything is to know what to do when; you want to be more FOCUSED and intentional with your time. 

I'm here today with a simple, yet totally POWERFUL, exercise to help you get focused and intentional so you totally rock the next week of your life.

I used this exercise to figure out exactly what I'm responsible for accomplishing this week and what I need to surrender to the Universe. 

So here's the exercise:

* Sunday Forecast *

Step 1: Write It Out

Pull out your journal and put on your thinking cap. It's next Sunday, and you're reflecting on all that you have accomplished during the week. What major projects did you focus on? What results did you see come of your efforts? How are you spending Sunday? What might you accomplish in the next week (so you're basically looking at the next two weeks)?

Freewrite your response. If you need an actual prompt to get you going, start by writing the words, "This has been a whirlwind of a week! I accomplished so much over the last 7 days. On Monday, I..."

Step 2: Break It Down

You'll find you uncover some awesome gems while you write it out in step 1, and you may want to make them even more actionable. That's where step 2 comes in. 

On one page in your journal (or on 1/2 of a letter size piece of paper folded the short way), write, "This week, I hold myself accountable to..." and on the facing page, write, "This week, I surrender the following to the Universe."

Under the stuff you're responsible for, write down all the actual actions you can take based on what came up in step 1. For me this week, that's things like, "Write article for Curalate," "Posting group daily," "Create post to explain the contest in" You can then schedule these things into your Google Calendar or paper planner.

As for what you'll surrender to the Universe, this can be stuff like inspiration for your content and results from your efforts, like the right clients attracted to your free and paid offers.

Comment below to let me know what you plan to accomplish this week and what you're surrendering to the Universe!