How I Manifested My First Fur Baby (Lessons In Divine Timing & Preparation)

This is Tootsie, the newest member of our family.

She waddled into our lives on November 9. I’m going to tell you the story of how she entered my life, and then I want to talk about manifesting.


Found outside, hanging around the apartment complex next door to mine, someone reported her to the Leasing Office’s resident animal lover, who took Tootsie to see a vet. She was presenting with labored breathing, her back legs didn’t seem to work and at first they thought she was in labor with kittens before they began to fear she’d been poisoned.

She was rushed to the vet and I was in the office when she was brought back from the vet. They needed someone to look after her for the weekend and I listened as a woman in the office called someone she knew who she thought might watch this cat for the weekend.

As I heard her grow increasingly frustrated by the man’s excuses (one of which was, “Oh, I was going to go get a kitten this weekend”), I watched this little love bug hobbling around the office. And I knew I would bring her home. She needed a home for a the weekend -- oh and partly because she was FULL of poop and the vet wanted to make sure she started pooping regularly -- and ours was it. “I’ll take her,” I said to the woman in the office who was on the phone still trying to convince this other resident to take the cat.

She didn’t register my words the first time I said it. So I said it again louder, with more conviction.

“I’ll take her.”

The relief on this woman’s face was beautiful! We didn’t know what would happen with Tootsie but she clearly needed a warm, loving home if only for the weekend or until we found her another home. (I wasn’t fully committed to keeping her forever yet. I had doubts still but a short-term commitment was an easy yes in the face of this little love.)

And I got loaded up with everything I needed to take care of Tootsie: kitty litter and a pan, dry food and wet, and a towel for her to lay on.

That first night, Chris was apprehensive. “I’m not opposed to having a cat, but having a cat who needs multiple vet visits? We can’t do that.”

I sort of immediately became a cat mom. I was studying her face, her body. I tried to pet her. And I begged her to poop before noon the next day.

And she DID! Overnight, she pooped and I was literally SO EXCITED to see the poop in the pan when I woke up.

She was eating. And enjoying rubs more frequently. And drinking water. And pooping. Haha

The weekend passed and I was feeling more confident. And more in love. And more committed. (Secretly convinced she would be ours forever though I was still telling Chris “one day at a time.”)

That Monday, I saw the woman at the office and we agreed I’d keep Tootsie and keep watching her.

She has sneezed blood -- and that’s a whole other thing; we’re going to the vet tomorrow to confirm what’s going on with that -- so that was definitely concerning, but otherwise, Tootsie seemed to be flourishing.

We heard back from the first vet she was taken to with the news that she has two disks/vertebrae in her back that are closer together than is natural, causing some pain and connected to her back legs sometimes working normally and other times being dragged behind her.

But like I said, she seemed to be flourishing. Exploring our apartment, spending more time getting rubs, eating really well, playing with a bottle cap. Hehe

And we had figured out who she previously belonged to (a whole different story) and we’d been calling her by the name that owner had given her, but it didn’t feel right and I wanted to give her a new name to honor her new life with us. Nothing was coming to me immediately. And then a few days ago, I was talking to her and used “Tootsie” as a nickname and I KNEW in my body, this is her name!

Thus, Tootsie stole away into my heart and my bed. 😀

And there are two lessons in this experience that I want to pass on to you. The first is that divine timing is fucking real, and it might also be called Looks-Totally-Illogical Timing. The second is that this was a manifestation that happened with so little logical action on my part; I got ready mentally and emotionally and kept surrendering in the process of creating this experience.

*About Divine Timing*

Once I saw her in those first moments, I KNEW she was going to be my furever pet. I was afraid to admit it, but I knew. Because I’d been preparing*, though I hadn’t prepared for a pet in any specific time frame, and this was divine timing. Divine timing may not LOOK convenient. It may not feel like you’re ready yet. Like there were multiple moments of surrendering to a plan greater than my own.

*About Energetically Preparing*

And yes, I’d been preparing. I was only vaguely aware that I was mentally/energetically preparing for owning my first cat as an adult. (I grew up in a house with as many as four cats at a time so I’ve always loved them but I didn’t believe I was ready before now to own one.) Still, that’s what was happening. My thoughts were turning to cat ownership many times a week for at least a month before Tootsie showed up. I’d feel how much I loved the idea of bringing a cat into our home while honoring my fears and doubts about being ready; and then just before I let my thoughts wander to other subjects, I’d surrender, “It’ll happen when it’s meant to happen.” I wasn’t taking any actions toward it. I just let my thoughts and feelings line up with a cat entering my life when it was meant to, and I took action when I knew I needed to take action (saying yes to taking her for “the weekend”).

Any questions? ❤