The Wealth You Accrue With Each Moment

As I watched the little old woman enter her apartment building, I realized something.

People grow wealthier in years experienced. 

You could look at it -- and I used to always -- as they have fewer years TO live, but that’s about glorifying what you have to make yourself feel good about where you are. It’s a lack thing… 

Now I look at an older person and smile because I see how wealthy they are in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes experienced. 

THAT’s what we should all want because it’s something we all experience at more or less the same rate of passing. So if we valued our years experienced more than the years we have to live -- and the present moment still more -- then we’d be less anxious about getting older. 

You are always trading a day TO BE experienced for a day actually experienced, and it’s up to you to see that as an amazing bargain or getting the raw end of the deal.

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