What Alignment Really Is (and How to Stop Making Yourself Wrong)

Stop making yourself wrong.

How do you do this?

Well, in my experience, it's actually a deep-seated belief that underlies so many other thoughts, words and deeds.

It is back of such thoughts as:

  • Why can't it be easy for me?
  • Who am I to say that?
  • No one's going to want to hear this from me.
  • I'm a failure. 
  • Oh my God, I shouldn't have done that.

I am tired of carrying and being shaped by this belief that I am wrong. I have carried this belief for so long I don't know its genesis. I journaled about it today and tried to figure it out. I recalled such instances as:

  • When we were kids, my sister would blame everything on me and I'd be scolded often for things I didn't do.
  • Mom always told me like it was the greatest possible sin that I'm too emotional.
  • I couldn't understand why boys favored two of my friends over me. Of one of them, my mom basically said that it was because this friend had a good personality, which led me to believe I didn't.

So feeling wrong is often, for me, justification for not having the things I want.

Now it's also the belief that keeps me from so much that I desire.

It's as if I'm addicted to making myself wrong and even my mindset work has been part of this. I treat mindset work as a process of uncovering what is wrong with me. 

It may also be why I'm kind of addicted to a particular coach's content because her books and blogs include such phrases as "stop kidding yourself." 

I want to believe that I am perfect in divine mind, a lesson in The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn.

How about I just decide here and now to believe that I am?! 

I AM perfect in divine mind.

Even if I'm wrong, crazy, selfish, spoiled, just lucky, in others' minds...

I can still claim my perfection. My rightness for the journey I'm here to live. I am never wrong. I can only get better, but that doesn't mean I was ever wrong.

I used to get so mad at myself for silly things -- like saying the wrong thing to a crush -- and agonize over it for hours or even days.

Now I see that anything I ever did like that, which hung on in my psyche, was done when I was out of alignment. And by harping on it in my thoughts, I only kept myself that much longer OUT of alignment.

And so... making oneself WRONG is not just the underlying belief but gets perpetuated by in-the-moment choosing to be out of alignment.

Now I can no longer remember those things which I said or did that stuck in my mind for hours of agonizing self-hatred. And thank God for that!

What this means is that in each moment, you can choose to be in alignment, to see yourself as right and perfect in God's eyes, and avoid making such silly mistakes. Sure, there will be slips -- times you forget or act from misalignment -- but then you have a chance to reinforce the belief that you are right by forgiving yourself and moving on.

Alignment is really feeling into the belief that you are perfect in divine mind and welcome to the life (and all the trappings) you desire because you are God's perfect child.

How can you embody this? Remember it?

One practice I find incredibly helpful in shifting out of misalignment and into alignment is listening to and/or reading a wealth consciousness book for a minimum 30 minutes per day. I've been listening to the 2-hour audiobook version of The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn each day. Her book has truly simple & beautiful anecdotes which solidify her metaphysical principles in your mind. 

Another practice you could adopt is to repeat the affirmation, "I am perfect in divine mind," aloud or on paper. You might even journal about how those words make you feel and work through what comes up for you.

You are, my darling, so right for the journey you're on and the place you're in right now.