What If It's Not a Mindset Problem, but a Purpose Problem?

There are people who can make a lot of money by exerting great effort to find the market hungry for the solution, like the guy who publishes ebooks with recipes for that hot new Ninja appliance that's selling like hotcakes on Amazing. There are people who can make a lot of money by mastering a new platform early enough, like the earliest Vine stars who figured out how to create compelling content for the platform and made big money before Vine disappeared. There are people who turn bricks into loads of cash while spending their days flipping houses.

There are so many different ways to make a buck. (Or barrels of them.) And I get that you want to make money. Because you want a really, really nice place to live. And you want that expensive car. And the designer handbags. And those are all valid desires.

But you don't have it all yet. And you're miserable. "When's gonna be my time?" you ask, frustrated.

Somewhere along the way, you learned that you have a mindset problem.

The coaches and strategists all want to talk about mindset; and even I've succumbed to this buzzword. Yes, having emotional resilience, confidence and a certain unstoppableness are all important.

But it's really hard to fucking manufacture these things when you're lost. When you still feel like you have to niche down, and define your client avatar, and pick one thing to talk about so people aren't confused. You're terrified you'll say the wrong thing -- the thing that closes somebody's wallet to you forever.

Here, in this place, you convince yourself it's all these things and you just need to "figure some stuff out." 

This is when you, my dear, don't really have a *mindset* problem but a passion problem. A purpose problem. An alignment problem. 

(Really, passion begets purpose begets action begets alignment.)

Let's simplify and just say you have a PURPOSE PROBLEM. See, what you really need to do is "figure out" what you're passionate about and how that plays into your purpose. If you've never been able to easily make money and hold onto it doing stuff that doesn't fucking matter to you -- the piece of the puzzle that's missing there is what matters to you.

And seriously, I'm the last person to tell anyone not to go after money, but your drive to earn may cloud your vision. You may find yourself believing that the stuff you're passionate about can make you money. So you reverse engineer and try to make it about 'this is the thing I see and hear people want to buy' even if you have not a fucking care in the world about writing slow cooker recipes to capitalize on the popularity of the Hamilton Beach 33473 Programmable Slow Cooker.

Thus you offer the branding services to that potential client when you already hate the website work you're doing for the other client. (Or whatever else you tell yourself is 'the work' but isn't.)

I also find that when you make money this way -- even when you make from one sale more money than you've made from the entire 'lifetime' of a client's engagement with you -- the money disappears really quickly. You're terrified to spend it because, ugh, you really don't want to have to do this for anyone else ever again. Or it's all already owed to your bills which have piled up.

You're out of alignment. That's when the money can't possibly last or go toward the things that will move you into the work you'd be really excited to do.

Because you'd like to spend that $100 per month on Clickfunnels so you can sell the products you've been dreaming of creating, but oh my god, what if that stuff never makes me money and I just wasted that $100???

Does this sound familiar? If it does, then, yes, you have a PURPOSE problem.

You are ignoring (intentionally or not), your true purpose.

Now, I believe that every single one of us is here to learn to exercise our dominion over our experience. As in -

YOU get to choose! - And YOU get to choose! - And YOU get to choose! - And YOU get to choose! 

(Did you hear that like Oprah announcing to each of you that you won a car -- only instead, you won the fucking jackpot of power?! That's how I said it as I wrote this.)

You get to choose what you see, hear, touch, taste, FEEL in this lifetime. And any life lived out of wack with more of the stuff you don't want than that which you do is a life lived believing you are the VICTIM of something else choosing for you. So buck up and FUCK -ing choose. 

The other thing I believe is that most of us -- if not all of us -- are called to spend our lives helping others get more of what they want. There are clues to what that looks like hidden EVERYWHERE in your life. From the things you experienced growing up, the lies you've believed about why life can't get better or why it just hasn't, and then, more excitingly, in the stuff you LOVE to do. The things that feel fun and easy to you but maybe aren't for other people.

I didn't come here -- to this world -- fully formed and knowing what my purpose was. It's revealed itself to me bit by bit. Now that I see enough of the picture (of my purpose) to take action on it?

Mindset problems are tiny little bugs I can squash easily; annoying and totally natural, but also very small in the face of my power. 

My purpose is to show you -- and millions of others -- how doing the 'work' that excites you and makes you feel alive is the very best way you can change your own life and help the world and, yes, make barrels of cash.

The secret to this? We rarely consider the stuff we should build our life around to be 'work'; it's the stuff that feels too good to be true. It's the stuff that we maybe even can't explain to other people because we feel like they should just get it. (This is how I feel about writing; it's not always been easy to explain to others how to grow in their writing ability because it happens so in flow for me.)

How can you lean into your Life on Purpose?

Oh, and always trust- 
Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!
With fervent hopes you'll return the love (truth),