"I Don't Know Where I'm Going Wrong." Lemme Help.

I got an email from an entrepreneur who needed help. Her message:

"hope your doing well. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I get published in the huff post and am in linked in. It's so discouraging. Not sure where I am going wrong"

Have you ever found yourself sick and tired of a lack of results when you feel like you been taking massive action?

I've been there!

So, here's what I shared with our anonymous friend...

I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged. I want to be as helpful as possible here, so I'm sorry there's been a delay in my reply. Snuggle in with some tea 'cuz it's kind of a long email.

The first thing is you're falling prey to the idea: "I'm doing something wrong." If you keep thinking "I'm doing something wrong," and "things aren't working," you know they'll continue that way.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions you're feeling -- you might be feeling grief, rejection, anger, annoyance, etc -- and do something to move them through your body. I love a good cry and you might need that right now to pass the feelings of "wrong" and "not good enough" that I'm picking up. Do whatever else your body is asking you to do right now. Then you can take some action.

Reward yourself for all the work you've been doing! Do something fun that's totally out of the normal for you to really let it hit you that you're successful.

You might also try my new favorite thing in the world: writing a "Celebration List," and I'm doing it just about every day. It's the things I've accomplished in the day and the positive signs I'm seeing that my dreams are closer to reality.

Now that I've given you some solutions for the thoughts and feelings you're dealing with, we can get to your next steps in your business...



Articles for Huffington Post and LinkedIn are not the most reliable methods of client attraction, though they can attract your ideal clients. I'm sorry if I've not been super clear about that in my content. It's a great secondary strategy to draw in clients. There are other things you can do to bring in the clients you're looking for. Find them where they are, listen to their needs, help when you can, and then offer them something they've asked for. My ideas for the Turn Your Dreams Into Plans video & PDF (my lead magnet) and the language I use in it came directly from my ideal clients. 



Have you gotten any coaching clients yet? How have you gotten them? Make it your mission to do those things again.



What's your message? You may share information on several topics but these should all be supported by your foundational message. This isn't something that is likely to come to you in an instant. It's a sentence that expresses a belief you embody every day of your life (or almost every day; because writing about the days when your belief is challenged will be INCREDIBLY POWERFUL content) and that draws your ideal clients in like moths to a flame.


For Cassie Howard, the message is "It's really fucking easy to make money online."

For Lauren Joyce, it's "Magnetism is the key to men and money."

For Denise Duffield-Thomas, it's "It's safe for you to be rich."

For Marie Forleo, the message is "The world needs that special gift that only you have."



You're great at posting regularly in your group. You can make your posts more powerful by including pictures and possibly even video. People buy from people so my own mission has been to put myself out there more and without worrying too much about how "perfect" the photo is. But I'm using it to show me living my life and embodying my beliefs. Show your community who you are. And do this across all your social media.



You're posting content in your group regularly, which again, is GREAT! And some of your posts even say, "I help my clients with this..." But I don't see you making actual offers. Share the title of the program you're offering, some emotional benefits as bullet points, possibly name the price, and tell them how to purchase (message you, visit a sales page, etc). Check out how I'm doing it and how Cassie Howard does it in her Facebook Group, Babes in Business.

Here's an example of how I write up an offer:


In a 3-hour session, I'll set you up to get your next client.

During our session, we'll:

+ Clarify your money goal
+ Develop 3 offers you can make to your community
+ Strategize your community growth
+ Define YOUR unique "rules" for marketing your business (let's be real, it's better than a marketing plan; much easier to take action on!)
+ Outline and prioritize your next actions

And I'll support you until these actions bring you at least 1 client!



Now, you may wonder how you can keep making offers to the same people... Well, make sure you're adding new blood! You can start sharing your group in promo-friendly groups with the promise of some kind of content upon joining. I've decided to add a piece of content each week to my group that I can promote in other groups to draw in new members. I've added 10 in the last week or so. I'm excited to get more consistent with this and see it grow much faster. You can borrow this page from my playbook.

Remember to add "I easily grow my community every single day," to your list of affirmations!



I'm not saying lie to anyone. That's SO NOT my thing. But do what you think you "would" do if there were thousands and tens of thousands pouring in. Would RICH YOU email her list 3x a week or even daily? Then start doing it. (No one on your list knows how big your list is, but ignoring your list is a good indication your list is small and you don't take it seriously yet.) Would RICH YOU try a new way of offering her services? Then create new offers. Would RICH YOU only offer things she was excited about? Then do that. Would RICH YOU only write about things that excite her or move her deeply? Only write about those things. I'm working to live more (and run my business) like RICH ME every day.

I have something that could be a big help to you right now that might be within your budget.