Why Your Wildest Dreams Haven't Happened Yet

There is really one reason your wildest dreams haven't happened yet...

You hold yourself apart from your wildest dreams.

Here are some of the obstacles between you and being now the person who is living her wildest dreams --

Obstacle 1: You're still addicted to reality.

Yeah... Look at your language. You probably repeat phrases from the lexicon like "the real deal," and "she's the realest." And that's fine, but it could indicate your addiction to your current circumstances. Look at your thoughts on the word itself. Is 'reality' a harsh place? I think most people see it that way -- instead of seeing it as a malleable sculpture in which we're living -- and we learn from parents/teachers/society that we must 'toughen up' and 'learn to suffer' through 'reality.' Remember, John Lennon wasn't the only dreamer. You can dream. And live in that dream.

Obstacle 2: You're giving all of your power away.

It could be that you're giving it away to parents, or to haters, or even to God. I personally always felt a strong repulsion to the Bible version of God and the way devout Christians talk about him. I believe in something 'above' us, and we're extensions of that, but with way more power than I think most 'believers' give themselves credit for. You say things like, "I've got to wait and see," and "not right now," and "give me a sign." You let others tell you what to do. You ask like a hungry, hungry hippo for feedback on everything BEFORE you make a damn decision, rather than making a decision and then 'enrolling' people in supporting your decisions.

Obstacle 3: You're ignoring your feelings.

OK... MINDSET is important. Critical even. But all the mindset work in the world will still leave you cold and crying if you don't trust the power of your emotions to lead you down the right path. You go about your day thinking about 'shoulds' and 'musts' -- typically set by your thoughts of other people's priorities for you -- or feeling lost because you DON'T have a story ongoing at the moment about what people want from you. You will be liberated and infallible when you follow the feel-goods.

Share in the comments: Which of these three obstacles feels like the most difficult for you to overcome? Drop the # and, if you're comfortable, an explanation. :)

Oh, and always trust- 
Your truth unlocks a whole big crazy cool life. Share if you dare!
With fervent hopes you'll return the love (truth),