Your Voice Can Rise Above Even If Others Are Talking About The Same Topics

There are a few people whose writings on success, alignment, manifestation, and doing the work I consume daily. Like, I'll read everything new they put out and revisit stuff I've read before. I gladly consume similar content from others showing up talking about the same topics when they come into my path. If each is publishing books, I'll buy all of them! 

It's like how I've bought, oh, a half dozen planners. I am still craving another planner. My holy grail? A Louis Vuitton GM Agenda in monogram with inserts from Sessa Vee. That would be a smooth investment of at least $800. 

My boyfriend loves video games. Do you ever think he's like, "Oh, I have one already, so I won't get this game"?


The point is that just because what you offer feels (in a moment of fear or doubt) like it's similar to what someone else is putting out there, whether we're talking paid products or free content, there are people who will eat that up.

The things you are passionate about you'll spend all kinds of time and money on, either without noticing or intentionally because you know it feeds you....

So if your soul is DYING to talk about a particular topic -- and your EGO is going, "hey but you can only make your mark by talking about something no one else has ever talked about..." -- then you'd better give preference to your soul's calling, babe!

There's a reason that practical, masculine-energy business experts telling people how to vet a business idea say to take something someone else is doing and make it better. This can be a surer path to success than creating a whole new industry because finding the audience is "harder." I don't necessarily believe that but there are similar principles behind this concept and why the fact there are others talking about a topic your soul is calling to talk about is a GREAT THING. 

The Universe doesn't place, ever so gently (or perhaps very violently), into your soul a message you've just got to share that doesn't have an audience. 

I simply believe that. Do you?

People will want to hear from YOU about the very same topic you want to talk about. 

The other thing? You gotta get used to talking about it until you're blue in the face.

That's where I'm developing my "muscle" personally -- talking about something or sharing the same piece of content multiple times because most of your audience may not have noticed the first time!

At least not until you have real cult-like following who eat up all your shit and want ten times more than you can possibly put out!

And that's what you want, right? Yeah, I know you, boo.

(In fact, I wrote about this same thing last year. Read that post here.)