The Shifts When We Talk About Working Together Are JUST The BEGINNING! Ready? Apply below.


For me to provide the greatest service to my clients, I protect my time and reserve only so many appointment times each week for Discovery Calls.

These discussions are some of the most intimate I conduct and it's critical to me that you be as revealing as possible. I pass no judgment and can only help you create the incredible results you've longed for when I go deep with you.

The entire process begins with this application for a Discovery Call session. I receive your responses (yes, my eyes only!) and will respond to either ask further questions or schedule our appointment. 

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What do you think is most relevant? How long have you been at this? What's working? What isn't working? Do you have clients whom you love? What results would you be most excited to see clients achieve?
What are your most common practices? What tools have you tried that you don't like? What tools have you tried that you can't seem to incorporate more frequently?
We can reserve time on our discovery call for me to walk through with you some ways you can find the money.