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Discover The Right Actions
for New Coaches

This FREE training for New Coaches will show you what to do daily & how to be consistent
so you create big income and bigger impact

FREE TRAINING Reveals Everything You Need To Know!

This awesome 77-minute video explains what I had to figure out on my OWN about being consistent...

  • The 6 categories of RIGHT actions you must be focused on to grow your business
  • The actions to delegate and when so that you spend more of your time doing The Work YOU are meant for
  • The 6+ actions I am personally COMMITTED to doing daily and why I'm so disciplined with them
  • How to plan & track these actions so that I understand what makes a difference in the results I'm seeing
  • The mindset that makes discipline easy
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Hi! I'm Rosella LaFevre

I support New Coaches ready to receive their first clients who pay in full, no fuss. My clients master the mindset work of 6- and 7-figure business owners, book their first 5 coaching calls to gain confidence and testimonials, create 15+ conversations and 4+ discovery calls each week until booked, and much more.

I created the training "Right Actions for New Coaches," to help you grow your business through taking aligned action with discipline. I can't wait to hear how it's working for you.