Master the Transition from a Period of Rest to one of Massive, Inspired Action

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Tell me, do you struggle with shifting into high gear or pumping the breaks?

Whether you've been resting on your laurels since the start of the holiday season or pushing through to take so much action,  I BET you've been beating yourself up.

  • I should have executed that launch already.
  • I should be able to create an action plan and make it happen.
  • It's not OK that I sit here and watch TV.
  • No more journaling until I make some damn money.

Does any of this self-talk sound familiar? Thought so!


Look. I do the same to myself. 

Here's a bit I put down in my journal earlier this month:

I have sat on my ass doing nothing all week. That can certainly feel good at times but it has felt for me like a waste of my time and like I'm not doing my part to receive the things I desire. And I haven't actively been creating the life I truly desire. Or have it? I have journaled. I have removed some resistance to being and having what I desire. I have received inspiration. I have enjoyed some of my favorite shows and watching them with my boyfriend. Perhaps this is just a nasty pattern I can choose to stop. The pattern of condemning myself for a period of rest as my desire to take bigger action kicks in, which I can also see myself having done in moments of switching from periods of massive action to periods of rest. I have this beautiful opportunity to master the compassionate, non-judgmental transition. Thank you for this awareness and this opportunity for growth around how I mentally shift from rest to action + back again!

Right there is where I got clarity on what I was doing to myself and where I could shift & grow. That's a deeply fucking powerful moment right there. I invite you to go back and re-read that bit in bold text. 

THAT journal entry is what inspired me to prepare a training and group coaching call on the topic of the transition from rest to action (which also applies to the transition from action to rest).

I tapped in, tuned in, and accessed a font of wisdom on the subject. And OF COURSE, I then manifested more information through books, and I'm ready to share it all with you.


Join me for this live coaching call!

(Jan. 21 @ 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT)

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In this FREE Group Coaching Call, you'll learn:

  • The Natural Cycle of Be/Do/Have, its role in our lives and how to recognize the stage you're at in the cycle
  • How to come back to spiritual equilibrium before you launch into action again
  • How to launch into action from rest, no matter how long you've been at rest
  • Identify your specific triggers for self-shame, and the impact these have on your ability to be or do
  • Recognize your soul's cravings & honor them with ease
  • The danger of shoulding all over yourself
  • Why, no matter how much action you've taken, you find yourself plagued with panic, anxiety and depression and how to move through

You'll also have the change to get coached around your specific challenge.

Oooh, I can't wait! xoxo Rosella