Hi! I'm Rosella, your Manifestation Teacher and
the Long-Haul Master
And there's something else you should know!
 I create planners for boss women
   and entrepreneurs.
On this page, you'll be able to see inside the two planners I've designed and find links to buy them on Amazon if you're so inclined.
the Biz Forward Planner
A 15-Week Planning System For The Solo-Entrepreneur
Marketing Their Services And Products
If you want people to have that OMG-I’m-seeing-her-EVERYWHERE feeling that leads to “shut up and take my money!” sharing your message 100x’s or more each week is definitely gonna help.
There’s a system I created for my own use to help me share my message and market myself each week, and it has worked so well I turned it into a print, bound planner any coach, artist, solopreneur can use.

This undated quarterly marketing planner is for the coach, service provider and sole proprietor who seeks accountability and a system for publishing marketing content across platforms and to nurture their communities (including Facebook Group and Email List).
Planner details:
  •  Landscape-orientation 8" by 11" paperback planner
  •  15 Weeks, undated, with 4 Monthly Overviews
  •  A 7-day grid for planning & tracking posts, livestreams & more made to platforms including Facebook Page, Profile, Group, LinkedIn, Emails to your subscribers, and other people's groups
  •  An Activity/Output Goal setting/tracking page for each week
  •  An "Invites Made" tracker for each week so you can record the number of invitations you've made to your Facebook Group, Email List, and Calendar/sales call
  •  2-page spread for tracking emails to your list at a glance
  •  Pages for tracking your posts made to up to 10 "other locations" (customizable)
  •  1 page for frequently-given/used links
  •  10 Content Creation Power Hour Playsheets to get you organized at the start of a content-creation session (with space to write the date of your session)
  •  20 lined note pages for extra lists, content sparks, drafts, and more
  •  3-page Index at the front of the planner so you can record the topics/dates covered on each page of your planner 
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Plans For World Domination: 2019
A Dated Planner And Journal For Those Whose Plans For 
World Domination Are Totally Benevolent 

Self-Inquiry | Monthly Spreads | Weekly Spreads | Journal
The world is forever changed by your presence, boss woman. And I know you've got big ambitions. This is a safe space for recording them, taking action on them, and pivoting as needed!

Planner details:
  •  Portrait-orientation paperback planner 8.5" by 5.5"
  •  350 Total Pages
  •  Self-Inquiry Section to help you figure out what you want to create in 2019
  •  2-page Monthly spreads in a layout you've never seen before (12 months total)
  •  4-page Weekly spreads: Review the prior week, plan the next, make to-do lists & notes, record memories (53 weeks total)
  •  2-page planning spread for 2020
  •  90 pages to journal in
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The Monthly Spread
First 2 of 4 Weekly Pages
Another Part of the Weekly Pages
2020 Planning
Journal Pages At Rear
Get your 2019 Planner as soon as tomorrow with Amazon!
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