21 Days to Full Possession of Your Body By the Woman You Are Meant To Be. A live program from Jacquelynne Kristen Holmes & Rosella LaFevre, starting 2.8.18.

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Join me and Jacquelynne for FEMININE AS FUCQ. This is a 21 day program we're hosting live in a Facebook group, and we're going to hold space for you as powerfully as we have for each other.

The goal? To bring you into Full Possession of Your Body By the Woman You Are Meant to Be. The woman who is self-assured and practices high self-regard, has lasting relationships with other empowered women, and more deeply feels supported by her romantic partner and others in life. This program is about transformation in the realm of connectedness. You will feel completely immersed in a supportive community, and magic will happen.

We won't look the other way where toxic relationships are concerned either. We're fur sure going to cover how to let go of relationships that no longer serve you, and the ones that actively cause harm to your psyche.* You deserve to feel part of the fabric of an amazing tribe and we're so excited to initiate you into it.

About Jacquelynne Kristen Holmes

Jacquelynne runs Luxom Consulting Group, a bookkeeping and accounting firm serving online entrepreneurs, and she's author of two books. Her books are Now is the Time: Four Ways to Introduce the Law of Attraction into Your Lifeand Abundant Bookkeeping Guide #1: Getting Started.


* Disclaimer: We are NOT therapists, and suggest you seek professional counseling or other services for dealing with persons who may have serious mental health concerns or if you have your own.