Sweet Money Love (Audio+Video Pack)

Sweet Money Love (Audio+Video Pack)


When you change the way you feel and think about money, you dramatically shift your ability to receive it. There are so many emotional needs and thought patterns that affect our ability to receive the cash money. Now, with access to 7 of my most powerful money mindset trainings, you'll experience Sweet Money Love.

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You're about to purchase 7 of my best livestreams about money mindset in both video & audio format. These are the 7 trainings you get access to:

  1. When Affirmations, Courses & Coaching Don't Work For You...
  2. Create a Budget Law of Attraction Style
  3. When You Feel Bad Charging For Your Services & Work
  4. How to Feel Better in the Mind Around Money
  5. Heal Your Fear of the Loss of THIS Important Life Force/Energy to Make It Big
  6. The 3- and 2-Letter Words You MUST Stop Using
  7. How Setting Specific Money Goals Could Be Fucking You Up