The Ease of Money: A Meditation

The Ease of Money: A Meditation


This 17-minute meditation will get into into the easiest vibe you've ever felt around money. We do work to allow receiving AND spending money to feel easy. BUY & LISTEN TODAY to massively shift your relationship with money.

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I woke up with the knowing today (December 7, 2017) that I should record a new meditation.

I kind of pushed the thought away because I didn't know what I would it "on."

Then my boyfriend and I took a walk to Dunkin' Donuts and Saladworks. As I walked home with Chris and my Greek salad with Brussels sprouts instead of onions and peppers, I caught myself feeling worried about money.

This worry we get around money can arise whether we have $0 in the bank or $100,000,000 in the bank, just as peace around money can exist even when you have $0 in the bank.

So on the brisk walk home as my cold brew nearly froze my hand, I coached myself in my mind. I decided/affirmed/knew that I get to feel about money however I WANT to feel about money.

And then I knew, I get to record a meditation on this topic! BOOM!

This is the meditation that came out of those intuitive nudges. This is THE EASE OF MONEY.

BUY NOW and LISTEN for instant shifts in your attitude around money.