Tarot Reading on Your Next Client

Tarot Reading on Your Next Client


Let's do a 20-minute reading on your next client. After, I'll send you a picture of the spread.

From this, you'll tap into the energy of your next client, gain some insights to shape the way you show up for them, and come that much closer to her. (She'll have to take the last few steps toward YOU, and she WILL!)

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I don't promise I'll have a name for you (my gifts & the cards don't work quite that specifically) but you'll walk away with:

πŸ’₯ clarity

πŸ’₯ focus

πŸ’₯ momentum

πŸ’₯ real ideas for how you can show up and share your message to reach her

But don't just take it from me...

πŸ’– "Rosella is a masterful intuitive and combined with her mad coaching skills I left not only enthusiastic about my new client(s) but also with a next step game plan in hand! Perfect!!" - Rozlyn Warren

πŸ’– "Inspired Divine Ideas arose in our reading for me to run with - focused upon specific ways in which I can serve my clients in a way that makes my spirit sing and makes theirs sing too! It's like Rosella hands out Magickal seeds from within her being and when you receive one it activates your own seed to blossom even more so... like a super fertilizer seed!" - Sophie Lisa Beresford