Small Talk Big Results: A Marketing & Selling Mentorship

Small Talk Big Results: A Marketing & Selling Mentorship


Join me for a 6-week Marketing & Selling Mentorship. Never again desperately grasp for the message your soulmate clients need to hear. Instead, show up confident in your ability to transform others' results through free and paid content, and make more sales than you ever have.

*NEW TIME-SENSITIVE BONUS* Make your investment in Small Talk Big Results before 12 a.m. Eastern on February 22 and you'll get three 45-minute calls with me (a $1,500 value). You'll also get access to my Message Masterclass (a $47 value).

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Your content gets crickets, Facebook Groups feel dead, and you wonder if you'll ever make money in your coaching or consulting business. You wonder if the people who ARE paying attention to you are at all your soulmate clients, and you lose steam when on day 1 of a launch because a dearth of sales tell you it's a flop before it's even begun.

Well, NO MORE!

With this 1-on-1 access to me, YOU WILL:
- Recognize which of your ideas, subjects and opinions are the messages for which your audience is hungry
- Strip away shame & fear through the action of sharing your most vulnerable stories
- Tap into the river of content & offer ideas, & learn how to do it multiple times daily
- Receive intuitive launch and sales tactics and strategies to fill your offers
- Cultivate urgency that gets your soulmate clients to take action NOW as opposed to later

Here's how Small Talk Big Results works:
- You get access to me via Voxer (a text & voice messaging app) to ask me questions, run ideas by me, and get feedback day & night
- I'll be in your face daily via Voxer asking you what you're talking about today, what you're offering, nudging you to get out there and build your community and sell your good stuff
- Material review & feedback (my eyes on your content with helpful suggestions)
- 3+ Trainings from me
The Training Topics will include:
* Turn Midnight Musings Into High-Converting Copy In Mere Minutes
* Money Marriage Counseling: Transforming Your Relationship to Cash, Debt & Other Resources
* Make Their Mouths Water: Writing Powerful Sales Copy

You ONLY want to join if you're ready for accountability and to take action daily.

And just an FYI, this is my lowest price for 1-on-1 access to me.