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The Ease of Money: A Meditation

This 17-minute meditation will get into into the easiest vibe you've ever felt around money. We do work to allow receiving AND spending money to feel easy. BUY & LISTEN TODAY to massively shift your relationship with money.

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There will come a time when a client wants something 'extra.' They'll want help with an issue that's not your area of expertise, or for additional hours at no extra cost, or for you to do for them when they've paid you to advise them. This video training & companion PDF will give you the best way forward.

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Everything changes when you KNOW what you're here to tell the world. My Message Masterclass & 30-page workbook help you put your gifts and wisdom into words that attract & convert your ideal clients..

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Sweet Money Love (Audio+Video Pack)

When you change the way you feel and think about money, you dramatically shift your ability to receive it. There are so many emotional needs and thought patterns that affect our ability to receive the cash money. Now, with access to 7 of my most powerful money mindset trainings, you'll experience Sweet Money Love.

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Personalized Mindset Report

When you change the way you feel and think about money, you dramatically shift your ability to receive it. There are so many emotional needs and thought patterns that affect our ability to receive the cash money. Now, with access to 7 of my most powerful money mindset trainings, you'll experience Sweet Money Love. BONUS: With your purchase, you get access to 19 pages of Rosella's journal.

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750.00 1,500.00

Receiving an extra $100,000 this year is super fucking easy. Even receiving $1,000,000* gets to be super fucking easy. Whatever quantum leap you're ready to claim, this full-day intensive will give you practical ways to achieve it, sink you deeper into ease, and afford you the knowledge of how you are supported in moving toward your target.

Let's get our two minds and two energies focused as one on your next income and impact goals.

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If you're interested in 1-on-1 coaching, the next best step is a Discovery Call. Apply for a Discovery Call by clicking the button below and filling out the form. 


Why I am the Coach for You

As a Success Coach, I help you recognize your own God-like power to create. We work together to make you a master of the mindset work of 6- and 7-figure business owners. It's my passion to support you in creating this incredible, radical transformation.

I want you to KNOW without a doubt that you -- yes, you with all of your strengths and 'flaws' -- are worthy of what you desire and I want you to know HOW to allow that for yourself. I figured out that it all comes down to DECISIONS; deciding to allow, deciding to release, deciding to receive. Something you'll learn from me is Access Your Godliness, my special approach to manifesting and using the Law of Attraction to create what you wish for.

I so deeply enjoy my freedom to say what I need to say (I've written about nearly getting evicted and it's only brought me closer to the people who love me and need me!). I so deeply value 3 p.m. and 1 a.m. walks with my love, Chris. I so deeply appreciate my penthouse apartment with its special key-fob access and gorgeous subway tiled kitchen & bathroom. I so deeply adore the late nights and early mornings that I spend the way I choose, whether on my business or binge-watching my favorite shows. I so deeply delight in spending weekends at the family shore house and mountain property, where internet isn't always available and knowing I'm safe to take those breaks.

I've been able to spend a lot of time & resources on continued learning; this is a really big part of my 'why' in life & business. I want to be supported to continue learning & growing because I enjoy the process and value being of greater service.

I've been able to retire my guy from a job where he was underpaid and underappreciated (because honestly that created more stress for me than anything that was happening for or 'to' me).

Before I ever worked 1-on-1 with a coach of my own, I had a successful career as a freelance journalist and then transitioned into marketing consulting. I booked my first $2,500, $6,000 and $16,000+ clients through sheer will and with my boyfriend's encouragement. I have survived clients wanting to treat me as their personal assistant, I've survived chargebacks, and so much more.

Finally, I'm the coach for you if you want support with what comes AFTER you get your first clients. Because, yes, your first paying clients will transform your life & business so much! But there's a lot that comes next.


Let Me Help You

In their own words, some of my favorite people share their experiences working with me.


Cyndy Drew Etler, Bestselling Author of The Dead Inside

"You know how there are those people who are just different, in the right way, with their clarity, and vision, and heartfelt positivity? Rosella LaFevre is one of those precious few. I knew, when she was an undergrad frigging creating and running her own legit magazine, that she was gonna blow the world up with her good. I've known, over the years, that her generosity and honesty were taking her somewhere great. With her coaching, I see it in her eyes: this is her mission. This is what she needs to share, to help others shift to her kind of 'different.' What a beautiful thing."

Stacey S.

"Rosella has been gifted with the ability to truly see all the potential this world -- including in you. She provides deep, spiritual insight and support to those who are willing and able to take their existence to the next level. If you are ready to transform your life and thus, your world, Rosella can help get you there with her unique and genuine form of coaching, support and wisdom to guide you."


Sarah Grayev, Rustic Foundry Branding + Design

"Rosella has the unique ability to draw out your thoughts and emotions and frame them in a way that not only makes sense but resonates with your purpose and goals... even if you aren't quite sure what those are yet. Her passion for helping others discover and access their best self is clear in every bit of work that she does. The materials and process that Rosella has developed for this course are designed for practical and actionable success. Even if you're hesitant with woo-woo-ness (this is me!), put all those pre-conceived notions aside and immerse yourself in her confidence-finding, courage-inducing course which when followed and put into practice, is designed to give you a better way of life. I mean, come on...who wouldn't want that?"